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It takes me a second to tell myself that See All Buying Options. This item works very well! I am satisfied with my purchase. I was nervous to buy this online but it is amazing. One of the nicer electric fireplaces I have ever seen.

Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

I get alot of compliments on it. It does not put out alot of heat but my room is large with vaulted ceilings so its to be expected. Its a new build so have not been able to enjoy it yet. I may by another one for my master bedroom. Easy to install as well. Only 5 left in stock - order soon. It is about as close to having For an electric fireplace log insert, this is a really nice item. It is about as close to having a real fire as you can get.

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You do have to realize that nothing will really look totally like a real fire as I have read in other reviews of other items. Having said that, the design of this log insert does give the impression of actual flames. The only thing that keeps me from giving this five stars is that the clear plastic reflective piece that provides the flame is circular and it can reflect the lighting in the room and you can see the plastic piece.

If that piece was rectangular it would not be nearly as noticible.

However, I have a screen and glass doors that if closed you cannot see that piece. Keeping the screen closed does give you a Really pleased with this fireplace. The first one arrived damaged by the courrier. Amazon were amazing with an easy free return. The second one arrived in perfect condition. The speaker is a little too artificial, but on the whole it is great for the cost. Only 18 left in stock - order soon. Amazing looking fireplace, couldn't be happier with it. Wood and flames look extremely realistic and heater is more than hot.

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When installing an insert, it is important to consider just how much space will be available to attach the chimney liner to the top of the appliance. If there is very little space between the top of the insert and the top of the fireplace, it could be difficult to make the appropriate connections. Masonry fireplaces have a large smoke chamber that allows the flexible liner some space to contour into the flue, however prefabricated systems usually have a flat ceiling with no extra space to route the liner. As such, it is important to ensure that the fireplace insert being selected has a flue collar that aligns with the chimney flue of the fireplace.

Additional coverage on fireplace and fireplace insert maintenance can be found in our fireplace maintenance guide.

Open Fireplaces vs Fireplace Inserts - Fundamentals

When it comes to frequency of maintenance, gas burning fireplaces and fireplace inserts have almost no differences. Common components such as gas valves, thermocouples, and log sets follow the same maintenance schedule and vent systems require only periodic inspection for both appliance types. The most difference can be seen between wood burning fireplaces and wood burning fireplace inserts.

As previously mentioned, wood burning fireplaces produce large quantities of particulate pollution, leading to a build up of ash and creosote on the chimney walls. Even a well constructed, hot burning fire will produce this byproduct material. For a regular user, it is not uncommon to have to clean the chimney twice or more during the burn season. Installation of a fireplace insert improves efficiency vastly. Because of their integral reburn systems, fireplace inserts produce far less particulate pollution, meaning that the flue liner will remain cleaner for longer periods.

When operated properly, it is rare that the liner will need to be swept more than once a season. Some occasional users have found that a cleaning is required only every other season. For a customer that has access to a plentiful supply of fuel logs and is considering using a fireplace insert as a primary heat source, the reduced level of maintenance can be a real life saver. When it comes to gas fireplace inserts, the requirement for a gas line to be run into the existing fireplace is something that must be kept in mind.

Many consumers will at some point decide that burning wood is not worth the effort and so choose to convert to a gas burning model. Most cities and well established towns will have infrastructure in place to supply natural gas to homes, but it is not a guarantee that the house will have a gas meter in place, especially if the house was built with only electric appliances installed. The cost of having a meter and supply line should be considered before making the purchase of the insert. In rural areas, natural gas may not be available, with the house being supplied by a propane fuel tank instead.

As with natural gas, if the home does not already have the tank in place, the infrastructure must be put into place before the installation can proceed. In both natural gas and propane installations, the cost of having the gas infrastructure installed can be substantial. The cost of the insert itself coupled with the cost of the gas piping may lead the customer to consider a wood burning insert instead.

While the need for fuel logs will continue, the efficiency of the fireplace insert is sure to make a difference in how much wood is consumed. To increase their overall efficiency, most inserts utilize an electric blower system that pulls the heat from the fireplace insert chassis and forces it into the room.

While this makes a huge difference in thermal efficiency, it also necessitates the installation of a volt power source to supply the fan. The cost to add an outlet or wire an electrical pigtail to a nearby outlet should be considered when installing a fireplace insert. In some cases, an electrical plug may be close enough that a flat piece of panduit can be installed along the edge of the fireplace and used to conceal a light gauge extension cord.

In addition to clarifying the differences between a fireplace and a fireplace insert, you should now have a clear understanding of what appliance will work best for your installation. There is no true "one size fits all" model of fireplace or fireplace insert and it is best to work with a skilled NFI certified technician, such as the professionals at eFireplacestore, to determine your exact needs. With a clear understanding of your vision for the room, the right appliance for your application can be installed, leaving you with the sense of satisfaction that comes from making the right decision.

My Account Order Status Help. Shop Vented Log Styles. Shop Ventless Log Styles. Email to a Friend. Pin it on Pinterest. Inserts With Fire Glass. Fireplace Insert Buying Guide. An insert or fireplace insert refers to a type of appliance that is designed to be installed into an existing masonry fireplace opening. As you may know, an open masonry fireplace insulates well against heat transfer to adjacent walls, but it not efficient at heating a home. A fireplace insert can be a wood or gas appliance, but both will be much more efficient at heating your space.

Inserts do not have a heavily insulated outer jacket and rely on the masonry fireplace walls for proper insulation and safety. Inserts utilize a metal flashing or surround to cover the remaining space between the insert and the edges of the fireplace opening. They also rely on flexible flue liners for proper venting up the chimney flue.

A prefabricated fireplace is a fully self-contained appliance that is built with the intention of installation into a combustible wall opening.

Fireplace Inserts

As such, the appliance can be enclosed within a combustible mantel or dimensional lumber framing. Operation is similar to an insert, but the additional outer air layer and metal jacket is what ensures safe operation within a combustible wall. These types of appliances also use rigid vent pipe. For additional elaboration on fireplace inserts, please visit our fireplace insert guide. How do I measure the fireplace for the correct fit of a wood burning insert? You will need to measure the front width, rear width, height and depth of your fireplace opening.

If you have a masonry fireplace with a taper where it is less deep at the top of the opening than it is at the bottom, you may need to consider the measurements of the insert you are considering. I have a mobile home with a fireplace and would like to have a fireplace insert. Can this be done? You should first contact your local building code officials to see if you can install the unit and ask the requirements they may have on that type of installation and the permit required.

After you know, you can install that locally.

Best Fireplace Inserts:

But does have a "reburner" of exhaust gases. Once the unit is up to temp, it has ZERO smoke and burns evenly. We have a SS chimney line which is highly recommended for any install. I clean the flue and cap before the season starts, and when dry seasoned I do not understand any negative reviews about this insert. It has great heat efficiency, fully loaded with 3 larger logs it burns choked for full 7hours. Use softwood to start fire and get glowing coal bed and start adding hardwood.

Best Fireplace Inserts

Its not the inserts fault if people dont know how to get the insert to run great. Quality product for a fraction of what I was quoted at fireplace stores! SO happy I found this on Amazon! Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. Sometimes i have to open windows to cool the house down. If i had to buy another this would be it. I did a lot of research in terms of wood burning inserts for my already existing masonry fireplace. Eventually I decided on this unit which i did not buy from amazon but bought from a local box store at less than half the listed price here.

I am extremely happy with the purchase thus far and it is everything that i expected it to be. The unit looks great with the only eye sore being the etched glass century heating in the bottom left corner of the glass. The only operational complaint I have is that the handle operates from the glass side. Meaning when the door is latched the handle is in the 12 o'clock position but to open it you must move from 12 to 6 position going clockwise.

The problem i find with this is that you run the risk of raking your Replacement Refractory Panel 24 inch X 28 inch x 1 inch.

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Only 20 left in stock - order soon. Packaging was excellent and this fit perfect" - by Pam. Packaging was excellent and this fit perfect. Easy to cut to size. Bought this to replace the back cracked panel in my fireplace. Also painted it black with high heat paint.