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By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies as per our policy which also explains how to change your preferences. If you have a strong 4G signal where you live, it could be a better option than flaky broadband. In some cases, 4G broadband presents itself as a way to cut down on bills by capping your data and skipping line rental charges altogether.

In other cases, you may pay a bit more, but this could be worth it to avoid the frustration of bad broadband.

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We take a look at the numbers to find out the cheapest 4G broadband packages available today. Instead of using fixed telephone line or cables into your home, 4G broadband uses the same signals as smartphones in order to connect to the internet. This means a 4G-enabled device is required in order to connect you to the internet. Examples of 4G-enabled devices include smartphones, dongles which are small USB devices that allow a limited amount of devices to connect and routers larger devices capable of handling many more devices and much higher usage.

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For more information, read our expert guide to 4G broadband. Three also offers the shortest contract at 12 months. What that means in layman's terms is this: And yes, we can expect 5G to be widely available in the not-too-distant future.

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The average speed of 4G connections in the UK is around 21Mb, according to an OpenSignal report - though it can reach a maximum of over 60Mb on certain networks. Compare that to the relatively slow 6. With a 4G connection on your phone, you can browse the internet, download apps, make voice calls, watch videos, play online games, and even tether your connection to a computer. You aren't short on choice when it comes to mobile deals with 4G.

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Nearly every network now offers 4G plans - often as standard, in fact. Here are the networks that give you 4G. If you want 4G, you can't do much better than a deal from EE. This network has both the UK's widest 4G coverage and the fastest 4G speeds.

You'll find 4G deals on SIM-only plans, as well as contracts on handsets and even tablets. It may not have the fastest 4G on the market, but Three offers something that you can't get from any other network: Allowances are very generous indeed from Three, and prices are surprisingly reasonable, even for unlimited plans.

Again, you can get a 4G deal on SIM-only, handset, and mobile broadband plans.

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Vodafone's the place to go if you like lots of choice. It's got a nice big range of handsets and tariffs to pick from… and some extras are available too. With O2, you can get 4G deals on SIMs, handsets, tablets, and a wide range of mobile broadband gadgets. And taking out a plan gives you access to O2's many perks - like the use of its Wi-Fi hotspots, or priority tickets to gigs. Your connection starts with your handset.

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A huge number of smartphones are now set up for 4G, but always check before you buy. All kinds of other devices can operate on 4G too, such as tablets , dongles , and portable Wi-Fi hotspots. Next, you'll need a mobile plan that lets you connect to the provider's 4G network. Thankfully there's a wide range of plans to choose from - whether you're after a SIM-only deal , or a contract on a handset.

How can you use 4G as home broadband?

Plans that include 4G cost generally the same or a bit more than 3G plans. Remember that with a 4G connection, pages load faster and you can get used to having reliable speedy mobile internet, meaning you may end up using more data and might need a plan with a higher data usage cap.